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Kaggle & Covid-19

Kaggle has launched a competition in conjunction with several organisations including the World Health Organisation to help in the fight against Covid-10.

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Multiple Bar Charts in R

First let’s run some code to create an example dataset and set the theme for our charts. rm(list=ls()) library(ggplot2) set.seed(515) data <- data.frame( Year = rep(c(1:10), each = 1, times = 4), Value = c(sample(30:100, 10), sample(30:100, 10), sample(30:100,10), sample(30:100,10)), Category = rep(c(“One”, “Two”, “Three”, “Four”), each=10, times=1) ) levels(data$Category) <- c(“One”,”Two”,”Three”,”Four”) theme <- theme(panel.grid.major […]

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Creating a D3.js bar chart in R

How to produce a simple D3 bar chart in R with the r2d3 package. Including customisation of axes, titles and making it interactive.

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