This section contains tutorials and tips to create maps and geospatial analysis in R. You will find examples of 2d and 3d maps, choropleths and other geographic visualisations along with reproducible code. Any feedback is always welcome so please do get in touch.

Leaflet maps in R

Create interactive location maps in R and embed onto websites or other applications.

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UK population density map in R

Create a unique population density map of the UK in R using ggplot2 and geom_point.

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Data Art: London mapped in R

Plotting an artistic map of London in R.

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3D world map with plotly

Quickly plot data on a 3D world map with the plotly package for R.

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London map in 3 easy steps

Create a unique map of London using just ggplot2.

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England and Wales heat map in R

Tutorial using the ggplot2 package to create a heatmap in R.

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