Artificial Intelligence Jobs Fastest Growing

By Data Tricks, 15 January 2020

LinkedIn has published its 2020 Emerging Jobs Reports for 13 countries including the UK, US, Australia and Germany.

Technology and data roles dominate the top 10 in many markets, with Artificial Intelligence coming out on top.

Artificial Intelligence

Roles specialising in artificial intelligence (including machine learning) top the list in the UK, US, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Canada and Spain, with an impressive 74% growth rate in the US. AI features second in India and France behind roles in Blockchain and data protection respectively.

Artificial intelligence specialists don’t rank highly in central and south America, faring best in Brazil at number 7 but don’t even feature on the list in Argentina or Mexico, although data science roles make the top 10 in both markets.

The only other market bucking the trend is the Netherlands, where data protection, growth hacking, data privacy and robotics beat AI into fifth place.

Data science

Data science remains one of the fastest growing jobs in many countries, being in the top 5 in the US (with a 37% growth rate), Canada, Singapore and Argentina, and in the top 10 in the Netherlands, Mexico, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain and France.

Data scientists don’t make the list in Brazil or India, despite AI and other tech- and data-focused roles in India’s top 10.

The flow and overlap of talent between data science and artificial intelligence in the UK is also noteworthy, with data engineers and data scientists moving into artificial intelligence roles, no doubt contributing to the fast growth. Meanwhile, analytics specialists and data analysts continue to make moves into data science roles, while postdoctoral researchers and software engineers move into both fields.

You can download all the reports here.

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