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By Data Tricks, 10 August 2019

If you develop Shiny apps, you’re probably familiar with the default theme and the alternative themes available through the shinythemes package.

This is the first of a series of custom Bootstrap themes I have developed.


1 Download and unpack zip file

Download and unpack the zip file at the bottom of this page. Within the Shiny templates folder you should have an App.R file and a www folder containing the theme’s css file and a logo.

2 Modify App.R code

Open the App.R file in R Studio and replace the path on line 2 with the full path of your Shiny templates folder.


This Shiny template was developed with full monitor sizes in mind. It may not work fully with mobile devices yet. A mobile-friendly version will be added to this site soon so don’t forget to register to receive updates.

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